Happy Atoms 2d: Interactive Chemistry Puzzles


Happy Atoms 2D: Interactive Chemistry Puzzles

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Making sense of the world of atoms and molecules is now as easy as piecing together a jigsaw puzzle! Now you can use Happy Atoms, the revolutionary chemistry teaching tool, in a low-cost, two-dimensional jigsaw-puzzle-style edition. In this version, the three-dimensional plastic atoms have been replaced with flat, cardboard puzzle pieces. Just like in the original versions, you can build more than 17,000 molecules by combining the atoms of 16 elements and scanning them with the app to identify the molecules and learn about them. This kit comes with the same full-featured version of the Happy Atoms app that comes with the original versions of Happy Atoms. Bonus: Includes a sample 3D Happy Atoms water molecule, H2O!
Using the Happy Atoms app and the camera on your tablet or smartphone running iOS or Android, you can scan the molecules you piece together. The app then uses state-of-the-art image recognition technology to identify the molecules. After a molecule is discovered, the app presents information about it, including its composition, usage, properties, hazards, formula, and structure. The app can recognize more than 17,000 molecules. It presents in-depth information about 160 molecules and general information about the rest. This app is a fun and interactive chemistry curriculum. It takes you on guided quests to discover new molecules and learn about them. You can track your progress with the app, collecting sets of molecules that you have built and explored.
+ New, entry-level price for Happy Atoms digital and physical molecular modeling system
+ Same great state-of-the-art educational app with image recognition software
+ New card-based atoms can be assembled in 2D.
+ Includes small printed manual
+ Bonus: Includes a sample 3D Happy Atoms water molecule, H2O!

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Thames & Kosmos (T&K) was founded in 2001 with the mission of improving informal science education outside of the classroom by publishing high-quality science kits for children of all ages. T&K’s mission has since expanded from its S.T.E.M. roots to encompass other educational branches as well, including arts and crafts, as well as the panoply of thinking and social skills that can be taught through games.

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