Kullerbu Egons Train


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FeaturesAny Kullerbu ball can be loaded onto Egon's train. The train cars connect via magnets and can be pulled along the track sections. These are free-wheeling vehicles without a momentum motor. The Kullerbu balls impress children with their cheerfully bright colors and in the case of Engineer Egon, funny faces. Kullerbu balls are made from beech wood from sustainable forestry in Germany and treated with a non-toxic water based stain. Ball measures Ø: 1 3/4 inches, ensuring safe play for children from two years of age. The plastic locomotive and wagons are designed in Germany and made with strict care in China. The balls fit snugly in both the locomotive and orange wagon, but there is room for a ball to roll slightly back and forth in the final blue wagon……how fast can you go? Will it fall out? Egon's train makes a delightful compliment to both the Play Track at the Construction Site Set #303081, City Stroll Set #303082 and the Jump into Car Dominoes Set #303088 all of which provide an avenue for balls to roll and drop right into the train cars and take off! Contents include: 1 red and orange locomotive engine, 1 orange and yellow wagon, 1 blue wagon, 1 Engineer Egon ball and 2 Kullerbu Balls. Enjoy unlimited Kullerbu wheeling wonder both on and off the track!


Habermass Corp Inc

Dimensions 4.25 × 3.54 × 13.31 in
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