Kullerbu Parking Garage


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FeaturesThis darling Kullerbu garage comes out of the box ready for action. Just attach the two connecting ramps and you're ready to go. There's a car wash under one ramp for getting little cars clean and a gas station with 2 mobile pump nozzles when they need to fuel up. There is also a lifting station (in case cars are in need of repair) and a helicopter landing pad. Includes 2 ramps with movable gates to slow down speeding cars. One attaches to the 2nd floor, the other to the third floor. Two chubby vehicles are included, one speedster with a momentum motor (can go both UP and down the ramp) and a green ball convertible. This garage is a terrific setting for active role play and storytelling as little ones spin their own adventures. Perhaps they will want to put all their Kullerbu vehicles "to bed" in the parking garage each evening? Compatible with all HABA Kullerbu starter sets, tracks, buildings and accessories. Kullerbu is the perfect combination of wood and plastic parts and highlights the advantages of each material making this sturdy play system from HABA one that will last for your child's entire childhood - and beyond.



Dimensions 16.93 × 11.02 × 18.66 in
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