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Kids will embark on an exciting color-matching challenge with the Learn with Me – Color Fun Fish Bowl. With its bright eyes and happy face, Color Fun Fish Bowl in an interactive teacher. Simply push the small fish button to get started. Select a fish and slide it through the opening on the top of the bowl and Fish Bowl will tell you the color. Push the small fish button again and the game changes. Fish Bowl will ask you a question that requires action. “Can you find the purple fish?” Children search their collection of fish and choose what they think answers the question. They have three tries to select the correct fish. To retrieve the fish from the bowl, simply turn the storage compartment door, located on the bottom of the bowl, and the fish come swimming out.

Manufacturer SKULJ_207659
FeaturesTalking unit with two play modes: discovery and 'find it' 10 colored fish Repeat button Battery-operated Automatic power shut-off Compact, portable design Durable plastic construction
Batteries2 AA
Dimensions 10.625 × 6.25 × 8.5 in


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