Mama, Let’s Make a Moon


Mama, Let’s Make a Moon [Clay Rice] Children, Juvenile Literature.

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“Mama let’s make a moon; it won’t cost too much. We’ll use second-hand stardust And leftover love; We’ll stuff it with silly And marshmallow goo And paint it with promise. Mama, Let’s make a moon.”

Award winning and nationally recognized author/illustrator Clay Rice has created a beautifully poetic tale about a humble mountain family who decide to make a moon. Created with Rice’s renowned individual paper cut art, the fun begins when the brother and sister start collecting the “ingredients”. The “Recipe For A Moon” contains everything from “a stream full of silver, a swan’s starry shine, and 2 ‘possum’s paws of dream dust from the imagination mine.” Along the way they teach the reader about love, the importance of relationships, and the joy of making something from nothing.

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AuthorClay Rice
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Artisan Workman Publishing
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