Yamslam is a fresh new take on a dice rolling classic. Calculated risk and smart strategizing will place the odds in your favor. Roll the dice until you achieve a combination that gives you the greatest advantage. Each combination has as a different point value but only four corresponding chips, so grab the best ones before they run out.

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Yamslam is a fresh twist (with a BIG boost of fun) on popular dice games. With its interactive gameplay and attractive, self-contained design, this dice game offers so much more! No need for paper and pen—the scoring chips allow for non-stop action and easy point calculation. Let the five dice roll to achieve the best combination and win the corresponding chip. Players compete to grab the best chips before they run out and plan ahead for special bonuses.

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Package Contents1 Dice Tray 5 Dice 28 Chips Illustrated Rules
FeaturesPlayers develop basic arithmetic and higher level math skills relating to probabilities and odds. Strategy skills are required not only to achieve specific combinations, but also to gain bonuses before your opponents.


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Dimensions 9.2 × 9.2 × 1.5 in

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ASTM and CPSIA compliant

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